2D Animation short film by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena
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Creative Team

Arun Kumar Kolli

Arun is a Graduate (B.A) interested in film production techniques, reason why he chose to enrol for training at Dilsukhnagar Arena and also why he participated in Fuel Duel as a key production member. Arun is particularly interested in background layouts and visualizes a special place for himself in the animation industry. In fact, he promptly demonstrated his skills by executing the BG for most of the episodes in “Fuel Duel”.

Contribution to “Fuel Duel”
- Created the car, bus, train and plane
- BG for pre-history episode
- Morphing
- Animation of 7 episodes in the film

Arush M.S.

Influenced by the Hollywood movie “Cars”, Arush, a B.Tech in Engineering envisions a future for himself in the Animation and VFX Industries. He is currently pursuing an “Animation and VFX Training Program” at Dilsukhnagar Arena, Hyderabad, where he helped create this film as a part of his training requirement. Arush is a talented artist and revels at storyboarding – a skill that contributed significantly to the making and success of “Fuel Duel”. He visualizes this gift of art as an advantage in the pursuit of his dream.

Contribution to “Fuel Duel”
- Story board
- Character design of the Horse and the civilized man
- BG for the city episode
- Animation of 7 episodes in the film

Jagdish Kumar B

Jagdish is a graduate with a creative bent of mind and a flair for story telling. An animation enthusiast, Jagdish waited for 10 excruciating years to pursue a formal training program in Animation and VFX, because he couldn’t afford the fee. Determined to chase his dream despite financial woes, Jagdish patiently pooled up savings over 10 years and finally enrolled at Dilsukhnagar Arena. He thought up the story for “Fuel Duel” which was finalized from a set of 3 other story ideas. In fact, it was his story idea which was the key to Fuel Duel’s success.

Contribution to “Fuel Duel”
- Story idea
- Character design of the Gorilla, ape-man, horse and the biker
- BG for the city episode
- Animation of 7 episodes in the film

Bhuvan Chandra

A video game freak, a movie enthusiast and a creative thinker, all rolled into one, Bhuvan Chandra is a young 20-something graduate who seeks to make the animation industry his home. Animation skills with specific reference to compositing is where his heart is. Enrolled for an Animation and VFX training program at Dilsukhnagar Arena in 2007, Bhuvan collaborated with three of his colleagues to create “Fuel Duel”.

Contribution to “Fuel Duel”
- Character design of all the 2-wheelers which appear in the film
- Morphing sequences
- Animation of 7 episodes in the film


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